Egg counting and egg belt control

Fancom's egg counting system doesn't just provide a reliable count of egg production, it also gives you an insight into how production is progressing at any given moment. The system also automatically regulates the speed of the egg belts so that the supply on the collection belt is always precisely geared to the packing capacity. This saves a huge amount of time.





Water Monitoring

The water consumption of layers is one of the simplest, but above all most effective, tools that a layer farmer can use to monitor the performance of the birds. Differences between the water lines mutually, or between yesterday's and today's figures, are immediately visible. This allows timely intervention in the event of problems, often even before a problem has had the chance to have any negative effects on egg production. 


Animal Weighing

Continuously weighing your birds provides an up-to-date overview of the conditions in your house and an insight into animal activity. Abnormalities are visible more quickly, so you can take timely intervention to prevent losses in egg production.

The Fancom weighing system takes into account the mutual weight differences between the birds and their activity pattern. The calculation algorithm was developed in cooperation with the University of Leuven, Belgium. It calculates a reliable representation of the average weight of your birds under all conditions, with less than 3% deviation. This level of performance makes the Fancom weighing systems the most accurate animal weighing systems on the market.


EyeNamic™ behaviour monitor

EyeNamic™ uses camera technology in the house. Three cameras mounted in the ridge of the house continuously monitor part of the floor below. Analysis software translates these images into an index for animal migration and activity, both of which are extremely valuable indicators of animal welfare. EyeNamic™ enables the behaviour of a flock of broilers to be followed from minute to minute so that any abnormal behaviour is signalled quickly. You can intervene at an early stage and limit any negative consequences to a minimum.