Abnormal animal behaviour, falling production and weight loss are just a few signs that can indicate a lot about the situation in your house. 


We can provide you with a series of Fancom Biometrics Systems that will enable you to monitor animal behaviour and the production process. You can immediately see any changes in the house, enabling you to intervene at an early stage in the event of a problem. 

In addition, Fancom FarmManager software automatically gathers, processes and presents the information in clear tables and easy to read graphs. The result is a wealth of management data that allows you to steer towards improvements based on facts and figures.

Options Include: 

  • Fancom FarmManager 
  • Bird Weighing
  • Egg counting 
  • EyeNamic camera


Download our brochure for more information. 

Download Fancom Brochure

Download Fancom Brochure