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Volito Aviary Systems

Volito aviary systems are modular systems; depending on dimensions of a house and required bird density, the most efficient type of aviary system can be chosen. The open structure with several tiers is characteristic for the various Volito aviary systems. This allows the birds to carry out their natural behavior by jumping between the floors. The possibility to perform natural behavior results in healthy animals and excellent production results.



VITA aviary Systems

  • 1 or 2 tiers with integrated Valego MFE nests with moveable floor
  • Easy nest inspection by opening the back wall of the nests 
  • Convenient access to egg belts
  • Inspection walkway in the system 
  • Various configurations make it possible to optimise living space

                                            Vivo aviary system

  • Optimised to keep maximum number of birds per square meter of floor space 
  • Valego nest rows on one level above the corridors - optimal distribution of eggs 
  • Nest inspection by walking on the raised floor between the integrated nest rows
  • System can be optimised to width of the poultry house       

vike aviary system

  • Valego nest rows on one level: optimal distribution of eggs
  • Various system widths available for optimal poultry house layout
  • Low height - fits in existing houses with lower ceilings & allows complete overview 
  • Available in step configuration 

volution rearing system

  • Pullets are optimally reared to live in aviary systems
  • Adjustable heights of drinking lines & platforms inside the system - hens learn to hop and move around the system
  • Double sliding doors allow easy access and provide secure confinement of birds 
  • Removable wire mes ramps


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Valego Nest Systems

Valego is the next generation of nest systems by Volito. Based on many years of experience and installations of nest systems and slatted floors, Volito optimised nest systems for breeders and layers, using the latest technology, for better overall performance.



Valego TDE Nest System 

  • Suitable for Breeders & Layers 
  • Torque drive expulsion system 
  • Egg belt - perforated or woven
  • Expulsion panel - single or multiple 
  • Roof single or multiple 

Valego RDE Nest system

  • Suitable for Breeders & Layers 
  • Rack drive expulsion system 
  • Panel follows the slope of the nest pad
  • Egg belt - perforated or woven
  • roof - single or multiple 

Valego MFE Nest System 


  • Suitable for layers 
  • Moveable floor expulsion system 
  • Egg belt - perforated or woven