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Lubing Drinkers

We are suppliers of Lubing poultry drinker systems. Lubing are one of the world's most advanced producers of poultry drinking equipment. Lubing systems provide you with consistently clean and fresh water into your house, with minimum maintainence, care and cleaning. 


Lubing Floor-Watering System

The central element of the Lubing floor watering system are the Lubing nipples, which ensure an optimum water flow for every animal age. The combination of nipple and drip cup ensure dry bedding in the house. 


Automatic Flush System

The Lubing Automatic Flush system alows your drinking system to be automatically flushed out. With the LCW controller, you can flush up to 10 lines separately. This system is easily retrofitted to existing drinking lines.     

Top-Climate System

The Lubing Tip-Climate Floor watering system for poultry is designed for effective humidifying, cooling and dust binding of poultry house air. IT works to the principle of direct evaporative cooling. 

Chore-Time Poultry Drinkers


Chore-Time are one of the most recognisable brands on the market when it comes to poultry feeding and drinking systems. Chore-Time's Relia-Flow and Stedi-Flow drinkers provide a reliable flow rate that is consistent with the way birds drink and offer a great start to your birds. 

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Chore-Time Poultry Drinkers


Relia-Flow Nipple Drinker

Relia-Flow's robust stainless steel parts in flow-control area resist wear and tear, and retain their shape for a long life. 

Pieces are easily replaceable to simplify retrofitting.                                        

Stedi-Flow Nipple Drinker

Stedi-Flow saddle attaches to the pipe for a tight, consistent fit without the use of glue, gaskets or welding. 

Various available flow rates provide optimum water supply for chickens of all types and finishing weights.