Poultry Drinking Equipment

We are suppliers of both Lubing & Chore-Time poultry drinking systems, the most comprehensive systems on the market. These poultry drinking systems are guaranteed to get your birds off to a good start, providing them with consistent access to fresh water and helps minimise water waste. 

Lubing drinkers

Lubing have over 60 years' experience in producing poultry drinking equipment, and are known as one of the world's most respected manufacturers of drinking systems for poultry. 

Options Include: 

  • Floor watering system 
  • Top-Climate system 
  • Automatic Flush System

Chore-time drinkers

CHORE-TIME® Systems offer a complete line of integrated feeding, watering, ventilation,heating, cooling and control products as well as nest systems. 


Options Include:

  • Nipple Drinkers
  • Water control systems
  • Broiler Drinkers
  • Breeder Drinkers