Chore-Time Poultry Feeding Systems

Chore-Time's proven feeding systems gets birds off to a good start, minimsing feed waste and providing birds with consisten access to fresh feed. Chore-Time's pan feeders for poultry allow birds easy access to feed, promoting better feed conversion and ensuring minimal waste. 


NEW! Konavi Feeder

A breakthrough in clean, open-style feeding, the Konavi™ feeder lets beaks in but keeps feet out. The new Konavi™ Feeding System features a streamlined, open design that gives birds easy access to feed for fast gains and consistent performance.                                                          

c2 Plus Feeder

The C2 Plus Feeder offers many feed saving features. The extended fin feeder and fixed height at the bottom helps maintain feed flow at all times, regardless of pan height or litter level. More interior space improves flow for harder flowing feed. It also has east to read feed level settings. 

G Plus Feeder

The G Plus feeder starts birds off well and includes feed-saving features for top conversion. It also provides birds of various types and sizes with consistent access to fresh feed. The bespoke open grill design allows young birds to exit the pans easily.                                                                      


Fancom Feed Weighing & Blending

We offer a range of Fancom feed weighing and feed blending options for your poultry house, designed to give you full control of the feeding process. 






Feed weighing 

The F41 and F42 feed computers accurately control the entire feeding process, from preparing the feed in the batch weigher and filling the hoppers in the house, right up to supplying the feeding lines in the house.                                                                                                

feed blending.jpg

Feed weighing

Fancom's batch weighing systems use a batch weigher positioned between the silo and the hoppers in the house to accurately distribute large amounts of feed in small batches. EasyBatch™ is designed for situations where feed does not need to be mixed, wheras EasyBlend™ can mix two types of feed or add cereal products. 


Silo Weighing System

The Lumina 40 is a control computer for a silo weighing system where a silo is weighed using load cells or compression cells. The feed is transported directly from the silo to the hoppers, so large amounts of feed can be distributed in a short space of time.                                         

Chore-Time Flex Auger Feed Transport

Chore-Time's Flex Auger System has proven to be the most reliable and best system designed to deliver feed. It is highly energy efficient, long wearing and trouble free. 





Flex-auger transport

The FLEX-AUGER® System's simple, high-quality, fully-enclosed auger moves feed up, down, on-the-level, or around corners. The tubing is made of specially-compounded PVC, which makes it resistant to ultraviolet light and resistant to wear.

Choretime boot02.jpg

Boot Transitions 

Visually inspect the feed flow to the silo boot and auger system with one of Chore-Time transparent bin transitions. Made from a transparent polycarbonate material, these bin transitions offer high strength and high impact resistance. The transitions are available in translucent red or clear models


Feed Hoppers 

We supply both plastic and metal Chore-Time hoppers. 

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