Hato Lighting 

Uniform light distribution is essential for the growth, health and performance of your chickens. Lighting also helps to prevent mortality and asynchronous mortality. The biological clock of a broiler can be influenced in order to stimulate growht and to optimise feed coversion rates. Light stimulates feeding activitiy - the higher the photoperiod, the higher the feed intake. 

We offer a number of different Hato lighting solutions for broiler and layer houses. 

Corax poultry lighting


The HATO CORAX is applicable to broiler, layer and pig houses. Uniform light distribution and a perfect light spectrum that assures correct light management lead to the prevention of shades, and thus clustering.

The CORAX is a 0-100% dimmable, flickerfree product, that increases animal welfare.

ED poultry lighting


The HATO ED is a fluorescent T8, tubular agricultural lighting solution that is applicable to layers, broilers and breeders. This HATO product is a 1-100% dimmable lighting solution to stimulate animal welfare.

The ED is a glass tube, which makes it ammoniac and high pressure cleaning resistant. 

STRIX led poultry lighting


The HATIO STRIX is a tubular LED agricultural lighting solution, that is applicable to enriched cage housing and small aviaries. To reduce animal stress, this product is a flickerfree, 0-100% dimmable lighting solution. 

The STRIX is a safe (48VDC), reliable and durable product with a lifetime of 60.000 hours and an IP67 rating.