Volito Nest Systems

Volito specialises in the delivery of flexible, animal friendly poultry systems and smart, innovative solutions for the production of consumption eggs, hatching eggs and rearing hens. 

Volito products are differentiated by their simplicity and quality. The user friendly systems are designed to ensure excellent overview and good poultry control possibilities. The open structure with several tiers is characteristic for the Volito aviary systems. This layout allows the birds to carry out their natural behavior by jumping between the floors. The possibility to perform natural behavior results in healthy animals and excellent production results.



Volito Aviary systems

Volito Aviary Systems provide outstanding results. They give an excellent overview & easy inspection. 

Options include: 

  • Vita Aviary System
  • Vike Aviary System
  • Vivo Aviary System

VOLITO floor systems

Volito have a number of floor systems available 

Options Include: 

  • Plastic & Wooden Slats
  • Volito Slat Washer 
  • Volito A-Perch                                                  

volito breeder nests 

Volito Breeder Nests provide a versatile common platform in a range of different options.

Options Include:

  • TDE Nest System
  • RDE Nest System                              

VOLITO rearing systems

The Volution-2 Rearing System ensure pullets are optimally prepared to use in the aviary systems. It provides quick and easy bird handling. It's a two-tier system, with feeding & drinking lines on each level.                                          

volito layer nests

Volito Layer Nests are availabel as floor nests or integrated nest in the aviary system. 

Options Include: 

  • TDE Nest System 
  • RDE Nest System      
  • MFE Nest System

volito accessories

Volito have a number of accessories to compliment their nest systems. 

  • Drive Unit
  • Conveyor 
  • Egg Elevator
  • Egg Belt Return Unit
  • Control Unit