MTT Poultry House Ventilation 

Minimum Transition Tunnel ventilation (MTT) is an advanced poultry house ventilation system that ensures an even climate in every poultry house. The MTT principle is based on a gradual transition from minimum to maximum ventilation. The result is a healthy climate for growth throughout the entire poultry production process. 

MTT Minimum Phase                  

MTT enables precise control of the airflow, which is distributed evenly throughout the house even at low air speeds.

MTT Transitional Phase        

If the ventilation rises, MTT automatically switches to transitional phase, which allows the birds to slowly become accustomed to the changing airflow pattern. 


MTT Tunnel Phase                         

With tunnel ventilation, the air flows over the birds at great speed and creates a cooling effect.                           


Conventional Ventilation

In addition to MTT, we also offer conventional poultry house ventilation options - Ridge Only and Combi Ventilation. These systems are the beating heart of your poultry house. The Conditions in each house make every project different, so we can match the correct system to your specific needs. 




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Ridge Only Ventilation

With ridge only ventilation, fans are mounted in the roof chimneys along side wall inlets mounted along the two side walls of the house. The system has many advantages - it is easy to fit and presents near zero resistance to fans. 

Combi Ventilation

A combi ventilation system integrates both the conventional ridge principles and the use of belt drive fans mounted in the rear gable wall. Fresh air is taken in via side wall inlets and air is exhausted out through exhaust chimneys and gable fans. 

Climate Control Equipment

A properly controlled climate improves your animal performance and saves you money on energy costs for ventilation, heating & lighting. We offer a number of cutting-edge climate control equipment to give you the most control possible in your poultry house. 




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Lumina Controls

The specifically designed L37 & L38 Fancom climate control computers create optimal conditions in your house at all times. They come with an array of unique control features that allow you to integrate lighting and feeding too. 


Air Inlets 

We supply both TPI and Fancom Fantura inlets. The Fancom Fantura ensures a constant, even supply of fresh air into the poultry house in all conditions. It puts an end to cold air dropping down on your birds too. 

Fans & Chimneys

We supply a wide range of fans and chimneys for your poultry house. Fancom fans are specifically designed for the use in agri buildings. These fans combine high air flow capacity with low energy consumption and low noise levels.                    


The Fancom Switchbox

The Fancom switchbox is the heart of your house. The switchbox houses the Lumina control panel, which is very easy to operate and has practical touch screen features with swipe and zoom functions. 

The complete look and feel makes the control of your house so much easier to manage from one central location. 



  • Touch screen

  • Intelligent Dials

  • Role-based screens

  • Smartphone & tablet apps available





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