Our expertise along with Fancom's advanced poultry ventilation systems ensures an even & healthy climate in your poultry house. 


The right climate is beneficial to the growth and health of your chickens and saves you costs for feed, water and energy. Thanks to a good climate control system, weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures will not affect the house climate. You are in control, not the conditions.

Download our Poultry Ventilation Brochure now to find out more about our different ventilation concepts and options. 

Options Include: 

  • MTT Minimum Phase Ventilation 
  • MTT Transitional Phase Ventilation 
  • MTT Tunnel Phase Ventilation 
  • Conventional & Combi Ridge Ventilation 
  • Climate Control Systems

Download our brochure for more information. 

Download Poultry Ventilation Brochure

Download Poultry Ventilation Brochure