We are experts in the supply of equipment and services to the poultry industry. 

Our specialist technical teams can offer you solutions and bespoke turnkey packages tailored to your individual needs. 


We are suppliers of world-leading poultry equipment, including Fancom & Chore-Time, aimed at providing our customers with optimum conditions, both in the buildings that houses the animals & also in their operational management. 


We have over 30 years' experience in delivering high quality technical builds. We not only provide you with equipment, but we will manage the entire project and also advise on how to get the best performance from your animals. 


Since the 1960's we have diversified and strengthened our business into the four key areas we are known for today. We now employ over 50 staff and we have contractors all over the world. 


Chore-Time KONAVI™ Broiler Feeder

The NEW KONAVI™ Feeder from Chore-Time is the newest innovation in open-style poultry feeding. The KONAVI™ Feeder lets beaks in, but keeps feet out. With its low pan height and patented scalloped edge, chicks eat from the outside of the pan from day one. Its unique angled cone with anti-rake fins discourages birds from stepping into the pan and wasting feed.  


Easy Access to Feed

The Open Style feeder gives birds easy access to feed for fast gains and consistent performance, without any feed waste.

The design of the feeder discourages birds from standing in the feeder, helping to keep feed clean and uncontaminated. 


From turnkey projects to full house refurbishments


We can provide you with cutting edge technology and state of the art equipment to get the best possible performance from your animals. Our teams have decades of experience in the poultry industry - we will project manage your project and keep you involved every step of the way. 

JF McKenna teamed up with IEC Poultry Solutions, Knights Construction and Morspan to film this timelapse video which took place during the construction phase from February - September 2016.