Chore-Time's CUBO™ Heat Mixer equalizes the house temperature by circulating hot air from the ceiling back to the floor. Its built-in heat exchanger can also add heat to the house

Heat diffusion

The CUBO™ Heat Mixer's centrifugal fan easily moves air up to 12 meters 360 degrees horizontally. This ensures a more uniform temperature throughout the house.

Better climate for the birds:

  • Dryer litter - heater does not introduce moisture to the house environment
  • The air speed at bird level remains less than
  • 0,2m/sec. - comfortable for the birds!
  • More even temperature for the birds


Advantages of the CUBO™ Heat Mixer:

  • Significant fuel savings:
  • Hot air in the apex is distributed/mixed with the house air near the floor.
  • Less heat loss due to more uniform temperature in the house.
  • Less minimum ventilation needed & Improved airflow during minimum ventilation.
  • No naked flame in the house
  • Multiple heat sources - Biomass, LPG



The CUBO™ draws in hot air from the ceiling and expels it near the floor. This results in tempered air at bird level and in constantly circulating air.

During minimum ventilation, the CUBO™ Heat Mixer's air stream draws cool air from the sidewall inlets and moves it together with warm air from along the roof into the Cubo™. The air is mixed, and the fresh, tempered air is distributed to the birds.

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