Founded in the mid-1960's by John McKenna, the company began as mushroom packaging manufacturers, supplying a small number of local growers. Since then, we have diversified, strengthened and developed our business into the four key areas we operate in today: Pigs, Poultry, Mushrooms & Horticulture. 

At our 6000m² manufacturing and warehousing plant in Co. Armagh, we now employ over 50 staff and the same number of sub-contractors, all committed to our vision and values: to provide the most efficient and effective services to our customers without compromise. 

We have obtained many accreditations including the British Retail Consortium Packaging Certificate (BRC) and the NQA Environmental Management Award.



1960 - John McKenna becomes one of the first mushroom growers & composters in Ireland, and establishes JF McKenna as mushroom packaging manufacturers. 

1980's - The business is incorporated as JF McKenna Ltd in 1982, and expands its packaging operation to include injection moulded polypropylene packs. 

1988 - JF McKenna becomes a supplier of Fancom products to the mushroom sector - we are now the principal supplier of Fancom products in the UK & Ireland for our Mushroom, Poultry and Pig Sectors. 

1995 - JF McKenna expands into the poultry sector in the UK & Ireland

1997 - Company expands into the horticulture industry in Ireland 

2016 - JF McKenna Ltd expands into the pig industry with Fancom; we have since completed a number of key projects with JMW Farms

2017 - JF McKenna Ltd expands into poultry nest boxes and layer houses with the completion of the Bowen Project featuring two 16k aviary houses in the UK. 



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